Human Sacrifice, Oracles, and Cannibals, Oh My!

Human Sacrifice, Oracles, and Cannibals, Oh My!

Sacrificed: The Last Oracle by Emily Wibberly is full of enticing elements. It evokes Aztec and Mayan culture and involves some rather vivid human sacrifices. The strong female protagonist is an oracle who doesn’t believe in oracles. There is a good man in a bad position who wants to take care of said protagonist despite her fierce independence. Also, cannibals!

Sacrificed (The Last Oracle, #1)Sacrificed by Emily Wibberley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Clio ran from her fate as a vessel to the Oracle, but fate has other things in store. When a tragedy leaves her the sole surviving Oracle, Clio must battle her conflicted feelings about what it means to sacrifice and to be a sacrifice. Clio is an interesting character. She has been isolated from the outside world because of her intended destiny, but she is resourceful and resilient. She acts on impulse and is fiercely independent. When her future is decided for her and she has to come to terms with her fate, it creates a good dynamic for her character’s growth. The love interest in this book is also swoon worthy. He is noble and kind, but circumstances, too, have given him a fate that he has some trouble embracing. He has it all worked out in his head, but his heart is a different matter. When these two characters get together, prepare for a lot of disagreements and lots of action. The pacing is designed to accommodate the action more than the development of a relationship, so don’t expect a lot of elaborate romancing (I’m personally okay with that). I did notice a few times when the language was a little more modern than the setting, but it wasn’t often enough to annoy me. This book is appropriate for high school students. I am adding it to my classroom library wish list because I think the premise, the action, and the romance will engage many of my high school readers. At $2.99 on Amazon, it is a solid purchase.

But . . . I won us an autographed copy, so you can check it out from our classroom library.  If you destroy it or even bend a single page, your tail is mine!

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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