The League of Delphi is a YA thriller/suspense book for reluctant readers

The League of Delphi is a YA thriller/suspense book for reluctant readers

A secret society with ties to the ancient oracles at Delphi or the ramblings and paranoia of a mentally unstable girl?  What is going on in Arcanville?  If you enjoyed Rick Riordan’s adventures or if you just enjoy a YA suspense, this one is worth a try.  I think both genders can enjoy this book, but I think that it will be a good pick for guy readers who are looking for an older teen protagonist or reluctant readers looking for an engaging and fast adventure. Don’t know ant thing about Delphi?  The author’s web page has it nicely explained HERE, just scroll to the bottom!



 After finishing his education in France and following the death of his mother, seventeen year old Zach returns to Arcanville, the town of his birth.  He doesn’t remember much because he was only in second grade when his mother took him and ran, but he is pretty sure that the beginning of his mother’s mental illness was prompted by whatever happened in the town.  Keeping his true identity hidden and working at the local coffee shop, Zach’s suspicions are almost confirmed by the strange behaviors of the citizens of the wealthy, insular, and overly policed town.  When he befriends Ashley, she adds some tantalizing stories that prove something isn’t right in Arcanville, and together they begin to uncover a vast network of conspiracy that goes back for generations and spans the globe.

This is a fast and easy read, and once readers invest a little time, I believe they will find it compelling (the pace is slow at the start, but it picks up once the basic characters and setting are established).  The protagonist frequently pushes his inquiry beyond what I would consider the safe zone, creating a nice bit of tension and a true sense of threat.  The mystery behind the town is one that involves danger to the kids that Zach went to primary school with, but it isn’t clear until the end exactly what that threat entails, so it maintains suspense throughout.  I did find that the romance was paced a little too quickly for my taste, and I would have been more satisfied with saving someone out of obligation, morality, and friendship rather than whipping out the “L” word so early on.  I also thought there was a lot of focus on Zach’s drunken co-worker for him not to have played a bigger part, but then, he might show up in the next volume.  It ends with a cliffhanger, but the second book is already published, so you can access it immediately. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The second book The Delphi Deception is even better!  Look at it HERE

The third and final book, The Delphi Revelation is a strong conclusion.  Look at it HERE


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